We're back and better than ever! Previous Brew Ha-Ha events have showcased the best beers of the Midwest, seeking to draw attention to the high quality beers in our own backyards. Coming off last year’s successful Midwest Mash Up, we are driving a new challenge.


This year's theme is the Midwest versus the West Coast. The West Coast, arguably the birthplace of American Craft beer and home to West Coast IPAs, inky stouts and porters, and world class sours, dominates much of the press about American craft beer. However, as previous Brew Ha-Ha participants can attest, Ohio, Michigan, and the rest of the heartland states brew an incredible amount of world class beer here in "flyover" country. So, we here at the Brew Ha-Ha are throwing the gauntlet down. We are forging a friendly competition between the best of the Midwest versus the best of the West Coast.